Community Concierge SA (CCSA) is a social enterprise business developed and owned by Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc. It provides a professional mix of concierge services, discreet security and personalised support to clients. CCSA has over seven years’ experience as a specialised concierge service originally contracted with the Aurora on Pirie Building at 147 Pirie Street Adelaide in 2011. It is now providing services to Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) in the iconic 23 level building at 25 Grenfell Street Adelaide.

Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc. is a not for profit providing open employment support services since 1996, to people who experience disability using a strengths based approach. Currently CBS Inc. supports over 1,500 active participants from 21 offices throughout South Australia either in work, looking for employment or accessing further education and training. CBS Inc. is also active in providing capacity building and personal development supports through the NDIS, including school2work transition and recreation along with rural and remote services.

Our CCSA Service

CCSA matches the expertise of staff with a commitment to loyalty, individualised customer service, respect and professionalism to buildings, businesses and people who share similar values. Our motto developed by staff member Denis in 2011 is: “Because nothing is too much trouble” reflects the professional values of staff who see concierge service to clients as a long term career and not a stepping stone job.

We work with you to negotiate and meet your needs providing service including:

  • Greetings, directions, escorting tenants and guests
  • Security card monitoring
  • Taxi support
  • Accessing dry cleaning / shoe cleaning services
  • Bookings and advice regarding local attractions and services
  • Fire warden support
  • Trade work maintenance support
  • Discreet least resistance security and after hours support when needed.

You have the reassurance that CCSA is an Australian business driven by a mission to provide professional high quality support and opportunities to other people who experience disability. CCSA is competitively priced and profits go towards other supports to Australians looking for long term employment.

“CBS Inc. & CCSA founder and Executive Director Freddie Brincat (OAM) said “When CCSA was first established I was in negotiations with Urban Construct and I knew we had perfect candidates trained in both concierge services via TAFE SA and security certification who had the professional strengths needed to be the perfect match to meet their needs. Overtime, CCSA is proving to be a truly specialised local solution providing respectful services to clients who are the focus at all times – it’s an innovative local solution and a point of difference to our customers.”


To find out more about a trial service with CCSA or to arrange an informal discussion please contact:

Abby or Visva on: 8224 2900

Abby McKay

Visva Nathan

Audio File

Interview with Freddie Brincat and Mark regarding CCSA